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At Meldrum Brothers Nursery find the ideal trees, shrubs, roses, vines, groundcovers and perennials for all of your landscape and garden projects.
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Mulch benefits your landscape in so many ways. Not only does it make your yard look great, but it helps retain moisture in the soil. Our mulches come in different colors and textures to fit any landscape project or budget.


Whether you are grading a new lawn or creating a flower bed, Meldrum Brothers Nursery has high quality soil to get the job done.

Topsoil: Screened soil. Good for almost any landscape project.

Premium Topsoil: Half compost, Half topsoil. Good for vegetable gardens and flower beds.

Compost: Good for mixing in with current soil to add nutrients.


Whether you're installing a pool, a paver walkway, or leveling an area.. Meldrum Brothers Nursery has high quality sand to get the job done.

Slag Sand: A sharp compactable sand, also referred to as paver base. Commonly used for a base for brick, flag stone, and retaining walls.

Mason Sand: A uniformed gritty sand commonly used for pools and mixing mortars.

Pool Sand: a uniformed fine sand commonly used for pools and sandboxes.

2ns Sand: Screened sand commonly used for concrete, asphalt, and sewer systems. - Sold Out 


Decorative Stone

Meldrum Brothers Nursery carries a wide array of decorative stones for your landscape project.
*Colors may vary 


Whether you're making a drive way or laying down pavers, Meldrum Brothers Nursery has great aggregates to get the job done.


Materials are not the only items that Meldrum Brothers Nursery can supply, we offer delivery for your convenience. Contact store for more details.